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Transparency, Regulation and Trust

COINDAQ brings transparency, regulation and security to digital currency and assets through; proof of identity, company profiles, corporate announcements and simple reporting obligations. Make sure the next ICO or token that you invest in is listed on the COINDAQ market index (COINDAQ:symbol).

The COINDAQ Market Index (COINDAQ: SYMBOL) is a token market index covering all smart contracts and tokens listed on the COINDAQ Exchange, including Ethereum, RSK and Bitcoin smart contracts, covering a wide variety of centralized and decentralized financial based instruments developed from the blockchain.

Transparency and reporting to issuers on the blockchain. Combat fraud in digital currency, by supporting COINDAQ Listed Tokens.


COINDAQ covers multiple asset classes, including equities, derivatives, debt, commodities, structured products, utility tokens and exchange-traded funds.

Blockchain Based Securities

Tokens are representing shares of a business. In addition, considering the SEC announcement any token that can’t pass the Howey test should be considered as a security and fall under the 1934 Security Exchange Act.

Utility Based Issuers

The utility tokens are services or units of services that can be purchased. They are a way to fund projects of shared infrastructure that couldn’t be funded before.

Public Companies and The Blockchain

COINDAQ and the Blockchain are changing how companies go public and investors invest in stocks and securities.  The COINDAQ Market is an international Blockchain alternative for rolling out IPO’s compared to traditional security listings, through digitally based assets on the blockchain.

What does this mean for publicly traded companies?

  1. 24/7 trading, faster listings and liquidity.
  2. No international barriers for issuers or investors.
  3. Eliminating fraudulent shorting that destroy companies.
  4. Saying goodbye to traditional brokers and middle men.
  5. Allows fractional buying of securities that smaller investors could not previously afford.
  6. Issuers are now able to permanently time stamp and imprint important filings as well as combat and eliminate fake news releases from source accounts with our IPFS Blockchain based system.
  7. Preventing dangerous HFT (High Frequency Trading) flash crashes.
  8. Reduces harmful reverse split practices which hurt investors and their finances.
  9. Creates an exact Blockchain ledger of shareholders which can never be cheated.

Blockchain Shareholder Ledgers

The Blockchain allows companies to conduct transactions quickly, securely and dependably. It will change transaction activity the way the Internet has changed commerce. It will revolutionize the way business is conducted.

How? Currently, most digital assets are kept on servers or “in the cloud” on a server network. This solution poses two problems: It is vulnerable to hacking by outsiders and to manipulation/data entry error by insiders. Because this system results in a record that is less than fully dependable, companies are required to keep hard copies of documents to mitigate the risks.

Blockchain technology offers companies the ability to store, manage and share encrypted data on a distributed database. The system uses a vast network of encrypted servers, called nodes, to hold documents or digital signatures of encrypted documents. There is no central repository; instead, the digital assets are widely dispersed on a spider web of servers, and available only to those holding encryption keys.

The distributed ledger cannot be edited, even if an individual holds all of the access keys. The stockholder record can be appended, but retroactive adjustments to the record cannot be made. This process generates a highly dependable audit trail that clearly—and indisputably—indicates how each stockholder acquired stock and from whom. That trail would be enormously instrumental in court if a plaintiff were to dispute who the stockholders were at a given moment, such as when large merger is announced.

The technology thus provides the redundancy and security needed to allow companies to dispose of paper back-up documents which are no longer needed by keeping a Blockchain based shareholder ledger.

Ticker Symbol

Example of a token on the COINDAQ Market Index

Press Release

Press Release Example
MarketWire: 06/24/2017 (COINDAQ: ARB)

COINDAQ Reporting Standards

1. Online Filing System via IPFS Blockchain Protocol.
2. Basic Company Profile.
3. Whitepaper Review and Approval.
4. Issuer Proof of Identity “Eliminating the risk of dark shadow companies or offerings.”
5. Full BCAOB block chain audit reports for Tokens, Controllers, Ledgers, and Creation/ICO.
6. Simple reoccurring quarterly and annual reporting obligations.
7. Press Release Updates from Issuer via IPFS Blockchain Protocol.
8. Real Time Large Account Holders Tracking and Transaction Reporting.

Combating Fraud

Eliminates the risk of and reduces:

  • Dark shadow companies and non regulated offerings which could potentially lead to issuer fraud against the unbeknownst investor.
  • Eliminates the possibility of fake reports and news sent from false issuer and company media accounts.
  • Adds the ability to see when large holders are selling real time to prevent occurrences of hidden unregistered insider selling.
  • Eliminates the risk of brokerage firms depositing fraudulent stock certificates on a clients behalf as can easily occur with the traditional stock exchanges.
  • HFT flash crashes and fraudulent shorting practices.

BCAOB – Blockchain Certified Audit Oversight Board

A BCAOB audit group is a special group of blockchain auditors who have been certified to conduct token audits for companies and assets listed on the COINDAQ Markets Index. This brings an additional level of trust and security to the token audit reports as an additional step taken by COINDAQ to prevent fraudulent and or erroneous statements within the reports themselves.

Get Listed

How can I get listed? And who qualifies?
Contact us for a listing application. All companies, issuers, blockchain based assets and tokens are welcome to apply to be listed even current token issuers as well as those planning an ICO. The COINDAQ Market welcomes all digitally created assets, smart contracts and tokens to include COINDAQ, Ethereum, RSK, Bitcoin, Bitshares and more.

Public companies on the NASDAQ and NYSE as well as several other large exchanges automatically qualify upon safe BCAOB audit report. Much like a dual listing, except rather than a foreign exchange of shares, a COINDAQ listed company is based on digitally traded assets.

We also recommend companies who have already created a token to apply immediately to be listed on the COINDAQ exchange. To not be listed on the COINDAQ is essentially compared to leaving your company on the non reporting grey sheets of the OTC. Bring comfort and peace of mind to your token holders by knowing they’re investing in a COINDAQ listed token.

The COINDAQ is also great new age alternative when compared to traditional security listings through digitally based assets on the blockchain.

COINDAQ Network Smart Contracts & CDQ Uses and Features

COINDAQ Markets (Trading, Audit Reports, BCAOB Standards)

  • Create and invest in digital assets or digital shares “tokens/ smart contracts” for your company or blockchain based project.
  • Create, store and release publications, announcements, important data, information and media directly on the COINDAQ blockchain for new age access to information. All with proof of timing and proof of identity stamping defined with a long hash address for proof of verification and source.
  • COINDAQs token, CDQ can be used to pay for COINDAQ market related listing fees, subscriptions and costs. 

COINDAQ Platform (ICO’s, Token Launches and Funding)

  • Create and invest in digital assets or digital shares “tokens/ smart contracts” for your company or blockchain based project.
  • Initiate dual or direct listings as an international alternative to traditional security offerings and exchanges.
  • Establish investment funds.
  • Create and invest in blockchain based IPOs and many more financial focused digital based assets of real value.
  • On-platform purchases which are paid via COINDAQs token, CDQ receive discounts on various ICO solutions & packages.


COINDAQ Regulation

With the rise of ICO and token based scams, COINDAQ was created to bring regulation and transparency via reporting from issuers on the blockchain. Combat fraud in digital currency, only support COINDAQ Listed Tokens.


The COINDAQ is a token market index covering all smart contracts and tokens listed on the COINDAQ Exchange. Focusing on a wide variety of centralized and decentralized assets and tokens developed on the blockchain.

COINDAQ Platform

COINDAQ is developing a platform that’s designed to assist companies interested in launching an ICO, by providing access to a complete set of preparation, marketing tools and services.

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COINDAQ Pitch Deck

IPFS Blockchain Diagram

About COINDAQ Markets


Headquartered in the Lower end of Manhattan at the One World Trade Center. COINDAQ brings regulation, transparency and security to digital currency and digital currency based assets “Tokens,” through; proof of identity, company profiles, simple reporting obligations and press release requirements.

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